We remember Aberfan – through songs

People tend to declare disasters as natural, not made by human beings. But even great technical catastrophes like Tschernobyl and Fukushima only happened because persons in charge acted wrong, made mistakes – some knowing and willingly and some not. And the reasons for these failures are greed on the one hand and poverty on the […]

Sounding the color line

„The problem of the twentieth century is the problem of the color-line.“ (W.E.B. Du Bois: the Souls of Black Folk) In June 2020 we have the feeling something weird, dangerous, (some say) apocalyptic might be happening. It’s the time of Corona/Covid 19, the pandemic disease which alters all live in all countries. And there is […]

Lady Maisery on Roots Radio

In my previous posting I told about Lady Maisery and the three women that make up the band: https://norbert-knape.de/?p=309 That was kind of a preparation for my radio special. In this posting I filed up the songs I intend to play and some about them (not in my own words but taken from internet sites […]

Lady Maisery – ancient and modern

Lady Masery is Hazel Askew, Rowan Rheingans and Hannah James Before I start with Lady Masery I have to talk about Songs Of Seperation, because that’s where it started for me. SoS is a project with Eliza Carthy, Hannah James, Hannah Read, Hazel Askew, Jenn Butterworth, Karine Polwart, Kate Young, Mary Macmaster and Rowan Rheingans. […]

Roots Radio Special: Charles Manson

I though about calling this piece ‚Manson – Dark Angel of Hippiedom‘, but the word ‚angel‘ somehow didn’t fit. On September 24 there will be / was a special about Charles Manson whose murderous activities lie 50 years beyond. This is the playlist: Mamas and Papas: 12:30 Fugs: Carpe diem (Second album) Grateful Dead: Viola […]

Cambridge Folk Festival 2019

2019 was the first time to visit the Folk Festival in Cambridge. In previous years I had been watching BBC documentaries of the festival rather jealously so when I noticed that our holiday in Ireland would start at the fifth of August it was crystal clear: that’s the chance. So here are some impressions from […]

My (personal) Mekons playlist

I was asked by Peter from Alice in Kopenhagen to write something about the Mekons. I came around with this playlist I want to share with you: (Titles are linked to youtube files) Dan Dare. 1977-79 were the years where I got to know the Mekons as the different punk band. While songs were getting […]

Woody Guthrie – Die Stimme des anderen Amerika

(Zuerst veröffentlicht am 16.08.2012) Im „Spiegel“ lese ich, dass die spanische Modemarke Zara nur elf Tage braucht vom Design eines Kleidungsstücks bis zu dessen Verkauf in den Filialen. Es gibt die totale Verfügbarkeit. Alles ist immer im Angebot. Guthrie stammt aus einer Zeit, als Dinge noch Wurzeln hatten. Barbara Mürdter schreibt, wie Woody Guthries bekanntester […]