Richie Underberger: „THE FOLK-ROCK BOX SET“

Zu: Jingle Jangle Morning

You could call this a project or even a big project. i‘d say: This is a monster project. right now I think I will fail – but I‘ll start anyway:

In his ebook Jingle Jangle Morning Richie Underberger compiled this compilation box set and I want to try to collect the music, just for my personal fun. As I said: Imight fail, but maybe …. NOT!

CD 1

1. The Byrds: Turn! Turn! Turn!

Released October 29, 1965 on Columbia single; recorded September 1, 10, and 14-16, 1965

2. Buffalo Springfield: For What It’s Worth

Released January 9, 1967 on Atco single; recorded December 5, 1966

3. Love: Alone Again Or

Released November 1967 on Elektra LP Forever Changes; recorded between August and September 1967

4. The Beatles: Norwegian Wood

Released on Anthology 2, March 18, 1996; recorded October 12, 1965

5. Skip Spence: Broken Heart

Released on Columbia LP Oar, May 19, 1969; recorded December 12, 1968

6. The Blue Things: Desert Wind

Released on Cicadelic LP The Blue Things Story Vol. 2 (1965-66), 1987; recorded ca. late 1965-early 1966

7. Jefferson Airplane: Today

Released on RCA LP Surrealistic Pillow, February 1967; recorded November 2, 1966

8. Fairport Convention: Suzanne

Released on Hannibal LP Heyday, 1987; recorded September 1, 1968

9. Joni Mitchell: Urge for Going

Released on Reprise single, October 1972

10. The Beau Brummels: Sad Little Girl

Released on Autumn LP Volume 2, October 1965; recorded August 23, 1965

11. The Lovin’ Spoonful: Do You Believe in Magic

Released on Kama Sturm single, August 1965

12. Fred Neil: The Dolphins

Released on Capitol LP Fred Neil, December 1966

13. Donovan: Celeste

Released on Epic LP Sunshine Superman, August 26, 1966; recorded spring 1966

14. Tim Buckley: No Man Can Find the War

Released on Elektra LP Goodbye and Hello, August 1967; recorded June 1967

15. The Mamas & the Papas: Got a Feelin’

Released on Dunhill LP If You Can Believe You Eyes and Ears, January 1966

16. The Leaves: Be With You

Released on Mira single, November 1965

17. Richard & Mimi Fariña: Reno Nevada

Released on Vanguard LP Celebrations for a Grey Day, April 1965; recorded autumn 1964

18. The Pentangle: Light Flight

Released on Transatlantic LP Basket of Light (UK), October 1969

19. Judy Collins: Hard Lovin’ Loser

Released on Elektra LP In My Life, November 1966

20. Bob Dylan: Love Minus Zero/No Limit

Unreleased; recorded January 13, 1965

21. The Youngbloods: Get Together

Released on RCA LP The Youngbloods, January 1967; recorded 1966

22. Dino Valenti: Time

Released on Epic LP Dino Valente, August 1968; recorded between November 1967 and April 1968

23. Simon & Garfunkel: You Don’t Know Where Your Interest Lies

Released on Columbia single, August 1967

CD 2

1. Kaleidoscope: Keep Your Mind Open

Released on Epic LP Side Trips, April 1967

2. Leonard Cohen: Master Song

Released on Columbia LP Songs of Leonard Cohen, December 27, 1967

3. Ian & Sylvia: You Were on My Mind

Released on Vanguard LP Northern Journey, September 1964; recorded March 1964

4. Big Brother & the Holding Company: Coo Coo

Released on Mainstream single, 1967; recorded December 12, 1966

5. Blackburn & Snow: Stranger in a Strange Land

Released on Verve single, January 1967; recorded January 1966

6. Country Joe & the Fish: I-Feel-Like-I’m-Fixin’-to-Die Rag

Released on Vanguard LP I-Feel-Like-I’m-Fixin’-to-Die, November 1967

7. Manfred Mann: With God on Our Side

Released on HMV EP The One in the Middle (UK), June 18, 1965; recorded January 11, 1965

8. Janis Ian: Society’s Child

Released on Verve/Forecast single, 1966

9. Phil Ochs: I Ain’t Marching Anymore (electric version)

Released on Elektra single (UK), February 1966

10. Gordon Lightfoot: Black Day in July

Released on United Artists LP Did She Mention My Name?, January 1968

11. Dion: Baby, I’m in the Mood for You

Released on Columbia/Legacy CD Bronx Blues: The Columbia Recordings (1962-1965), 1991; recorded September 20, 1965

12. Neil Young: Country Girl

Unreleased; recorded December 18, 1969

13. The Animals: Hey Gyp

Released on MGM LP Animalism, December 1966

14. Tim Hardin: Hang on to a Dream

Released on Verve Folkways single, February 1966

15. Jim & Jean: Strangers in a Strange Land

Released on Verve Folkways single, circa early 1966

16. Eclection: Nevertheless

Released on Elektra LP Eclection, August 1968

17. The Searchers: Take Me For What I’m Worth

Released on Pye single (UK), December 1965

18. Judy Henske: High Flying Bird

Released on Elektra LP High Flying Bird, January 1964

19. Nico: Eulogy for Lenny Bruce

Released on Verve LP Chelsea Girl, October 1967; recorded spring 1967

20. Quicksilver Messenger Service: Pride of Man

Released on Capitol LP Quicksilver Messenger Service, May 1968

21. Them: Richard Cory

Released on Decca single (UK), May 1966

22. Bob Seger: Persecution Smith

Released on HideOut single, 1966

23. The Charlatans: We’re Not on the Same Trip

Released on Big Beat CD The Amazing Charlatans (UK), 1996; recorded July 1967

24. The Avengers: Open Your Eyes

Released on Current single, July 1966

CD 3 

1. The Johnstons: The Story of Isaac

Released on Transatlantic LP Bitter Green (UK), 1969

2. Fapardokly: Lila

Released on UIP LP Fapardokly, 1967

3. The 13th Floor Elevators: Splash I

Released on International Artists LP The Psychedelic Sounds of the 13th Floor Elevators, November 1966

4. Gale Garnett: I Came to the City

Released on RCA LP My Kind of Folk Songs, 1964

5. We Five: You Were on My Mind

Released on A&M single, July 1965; recorded April 20, 1965

6. Hearts and Flowers: She Sang Hymns Out of Tune

Released on Capitol LP Of Horses, Kids, and Forgotten Women, July 1968

7. The Penny Arkade: Country Girl

Released on Sundazed CD Not the Freeze, 2004: recorded late 1967

8. The Springfields: Allentown Jail

Released on Philips LP Kinda Folksy (UK), February 1962

9. Nick Drake: Hazy Jane II

Released on Island LP Bryter Later (UK), November 1, 1970

10. The Byrds: Eight Miles High

Released on Columbia single, March 14, 1966; recorded January 25, 1966

11. Love: Andmoreagain

Released on Elektra LP Forever Changes, November 1967; recorded between August and September 1967

12. Zal Yanovsky, Cass Elliot, Jerry Yester & Jim Hendricks: Oh Suzanna (The Banjo Song)

Released on Varese Sarabande CD Before They Were the Mamas & the Papas…The Magic Circle, 1999; recorded 1964

13. Peter Sarstedt: Mary Jane

Released on Island single (UK), 1968

14. Tim Rose: Come Away, Melinda

Released on Columbia LP Tim Rose, 1967

15. Ian & Sylvia: Lovin’ Sound

Released on MGM LP Lovin’ Sound, April 1967

16. Joan Baez: All the World Has Gone By

Released on Vanguard LP Memories (billed to Richard & Mimi Fariña), December 1968; recorded March 1966

17. Bob Lind: English Afternoon

Released on EMI CD The Best of Bob Lind: You Might Have Heard My Footsteps, 1993; recorded January 23, 1967

18. Al Stewart: Ballad of Mary Foster

Released on CBS LP Love Chronicles (UK), January 1969

19. Judy Roderick: Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?

Released on Columbia LP Ain’t Nothin’ But the Blues, May 1964

20. The Belfast Gypsies: It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue

Released on Grand Prix LP Them Belfast Gypsies (Sweden/Holland), August 1967

21. Jackie DeShannon: With You in Mind

Released on Metro Music LP 1965 Metro Music Demo, May 27, 1965

22. The Stone Poneys: Bicycle Song (Soon Now)

Released on Capitol LP The Stone Poneys, January 1967

23. P.F. Sloan: I Can’t Help But Wonder, Elizabeth

Released on Dunhill single, October 1967

24. Bob Dylan: If You Gotta Go, Go Now

Released on CBS single, January 1967 (Holland); recorded January 15, 1965 (possible overdubs May 21, 1965)

CD 4

1. Fairport Convention: Chelsea Morning

Released on Polydor LP Fairport Convention (UK), June 1968

2. Sandy & the Strawbs: And You Need Me

Released on Hallmark LP All Our Own Work (UK), 1973; recorded July 1967

3. The Strawbs: Where Is This Dream of Your Youth?

Released on A&M LP The Strawbs, May 1969

4. The Dillards: Brother John

Released on Elektra LP Copperfields, January 1970

5. Marianne Faithfull: Sally Free and Easy

Released on Decca LP North Country Maid (UK), March 1966

6. Townes Van Zandt: Sixteen Summers, Fifteen Falls

Released on Poppy LP For the Sake of the Song, 1968

7. The Rising Storm: Frozen Laughter

Released on Remnant LP Calm Before, 1967

8. Peter & Gordon: If I Were You

Released on Columbia single (UK), February 28, 1964

9. The Daily Flash: The French Girl

Released on UNI single, 1967

10. The Rising Sons: 2:10 Train

Released on Columbia/Legacy CD Rising Sons Featuring Taj Mahal and Ry Cooder, 1992; recorded May 12, 1966

11. Davy Graham: Maajun

Released on Decca LP Folk, Blues & Beyond (UK), December 1964

12. The Mugwumps: Here It Is Another Day

Released on Warner Brothers LP The Mugwumps, 1967; recorded August 13 or 14, 1964

13. The Grateful Dead: Early Morning Rain

Released on Rhino CD box set Golden Road (1965-1973), October 16, 2001; recorded November 3, 1965

14. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young: Find the Cost of Freedom

Released on Atlantic single, June 1970; recorded May 21, 1970

15. The Byrds: Tomorrow Is a Long Ways Away

Released on Rhino CD In the Beginning, August 1988; recorded circa late 1964“

16. Mouse & the Traps: A Public Execution

Released on Fraternity single, February 1966

17. Circus Maximus: Oops I Can Dance

Released on Vanguard LP Circus Maximus, August 1967

18. Arlo Guthrie: Coming in to Los Angeles

Released on Reprise LP Running Down the Road, August 1969

19. Buffalo Springfield: Expecting to Fly

Released on Atco LP Buffalo Springfield Again, October 30, 1967; recorded May 6, 1967

20. Simon & Garfunkel: A Hazy Shade of Winter

Released on Columbia single, November 1966; recorded September 1966

21. Donovan: Hurdy Gurdy Man

Released on Pye single (UK), May 1968; recorded April 3, 1968

22. Francoise Hardy: Je Ne Suis La Pour Personne

Released on Vogue EP La Maison Ou J’ai Grandi (France), 1966

23. The Ides of March: I’ll Keep Searching

Released on Harlequin single, April 1966

24. The Penny Arkade: Lights of Dawn

Released on Sundazed CD Not the Freeze, 2004; recorded late 1967

25. The Holy Modal Rounders: Bird Song

Released on Elektra LP The Moray Eels Eat the Holy Modal Rounders, 1968

26. Syd Barrett: Golden Hair

Released on Harvest LP The Madcap Laughs (UK), January 3, 1970; recorded June 12, 1969

27. The Great Society: Didn’t Think So

Released on Columbia LP Conspicuous Only in Its Absence, March 1968; recorded 1966

CD 5

1. Mad River: Orange Fire

Released on Wee EP, 1967

2. Melanie: Leftover Wine

Released on Buddah LP Candles in the Rain, April 1970

3. Moby Grape: It’s a Beautiful Day Today

Released on Columbia LP Moby Grape ’69, January 30, 1969; recorded April 22, 1968

4. Richard & Mimi Fariña: Joy ‘Round My Brain

Released on Vanguard LP Memories, December 1968

5. Richie Havens: Handsome Johnny

Released on Verve/Forecast LP Mixed Bag, 1967

6. Mike Nesmith: All the King’s Horses

7. The Blue Things: Doll House

Released on RCA single, May 1966

8. The Outsiders: Summer Is Here

Released on Relax single (Holland), May 1967

9. Giles, Giles & Fripp: I Talk to the Wind

Released on Island LP A Young Person’s Guide to King Crimson (billed to King Crimson) (UK), March 1976; recorded July 1968

10. Poco: What a Day

Released on Epic LP Pickin’ Up the Pieces, May 19, 1969

11. Peter, Paul & Mary: If I Had a Hammer

Released on Warner Brothers LP Peter, Paul & Mary, March 1962

12. The Fugs: Life Is Strange

Released on Reprise LP It Crawled into My Hand, Honest, August 5, 1968

13. The Ron-de-Voos: Trip So Wild

Released on Mastertone single, May 1967

14. Dan Hicks: The Innocent Bystander

Released on Big Beat CD Early Muses (UK), 1998; recorded in 1967 or 1968

15. Buffy Sainte-Marie: Until It’s Time for You to Go

Released on Vanguard LP Many a Mile, 1965

16. The Youngbloods: Sunlight

Released on RCA LP Elephant Mountain, April 1969

17. The Beatles: Revolution

Unreleased; recorded late May 1968

18. Judy Collins: I’ll Keep It with Mine

Released on Elektra single, late 1965

19. Tim Buckley: Song of the Magician

Released on Elektra LP Tim Buckley, October 1966; recorded August 1966

20. The Animals: The House of the Rising Sun

Released on Columbia single (UK), June 19, 1964; recorded May 18, 1964

21. The Bee Gees: And the Children Laughing

Released on Leedon single (Australia), November 1965

22. The Mojos: Seven Daffodils

Released on Decca single (UK), August 1964

23. The Mamas & the Papas: Trip, Stumble and Fall

Released on Dunhill LP The Mamas & the Papas, August 30, 1966

24. The Yardbirds: Knowing That I’m Losing You

CD 6

1. The Pentangle: In Time

Released on Transatlantic LP Sweet Child (UK), December 1968

2. Nico: Chelsea Girls

Released on Verve LP Chelsea Girl, October 1967; recorded spring 1967

3. The Plebs: Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You

Released on Decca single (UK), 1964

4. Jackie DeShannon: Needles and Pins

Released on Liberty single, April 11, 1963; recorded March 4, 1963

5. Fotheringay: Banks of the Nile

Released on Island LP Fotheringay (UK), June 1970; recorded between February-April 1970

6. Mad River: Hush, Julian

Released on Capitol LP Mad River, October 1968

7. Clannad: Morning Dew

Released on Philips LP Clannad (Ireland), 1973

8. Marianne Faithfull: The Morning Sun

Released on Decca single (UK), May 1965

9. Joni Mitchell: I Had a King

Released on Reprise LP Joni Mitchell (aka Song to a Seagull), March 1968

10. The Hollies: Very Last Day

Released on Parlophone LP Hollies (UK), September 1965; recorded March 1, 1965

11. Johnny Winter: Birds Can’t Row Boats

Released on Pacemaker single, 1966

12. David Blue: Midnight Through Morning

Released on Elektra LP David Blue, August 1966

13. McDonald & Giles: Flight of the Ibis

Released on Island LP McDonald and Giles (UK), November 1970

14. Shirley Collins: Space Girl

Released on HMV various-artists compilation LP Rocket Along: New Ballads on Old Lines (UK), 1960

15. The Sunshine Company: I, to We, and Back Again

Released on Imperial LP The Sunshine Company, February 1968

16. John Braheny: Don’t Cry for Me

Released on Pete LP Some Kind of Change, October 1968

17. Jake Holmes: Dazed and Confused

Released on Tower LP “The Above Ground Sound” of Jake Holmes, July 1967

18. The Byrds: Renaissance Fair

Released on Columbia LP Younger Than Yesterday, February 6, 1967; recorded December 6, 1966

19. The Weavers: Kisses Sweeter Than Wine

Released on Decca single, 1951

20. The Blues Project: Fly Away

Released on Verve LP Projections, November 1966; recorded May 1966

21. The Ashes: Is There Anything I Can Do

Released on Vault single, early 1966; recorded December 1965

22. Buffalo Springfield: Rock & Roll Woman

Released on Atco single, September 1967; recorded June 22-August 8, 1967

CD 7 

1. The Incredible String Band: The Juggler’s Song

Released on Elektra LP U, October 1970

2. John Stewart & Buffy Ford: Draft Age

Released on Capitol LP Signals Through the Glass, September 1968

3. Jefferson Airplane: D.C.B.A.-25

Released on RCA LP Surrealistic Pillow, February 1967; recorded November 15, 1966

4. Stone Country: Woman Don’t You Weep

Released on RCA LP Stone Country, March 1968

5. Donovan: Breezes of Patchulie

Released on Epic/Legacy CD Troubadour: The Definitive Collection 1964-1976, 1992; recorded May 1966

6. The Rolling Stones: Lady Jane

Released on Decca LP Aftermath (UK), April 15, 1966; recorded March 6-9, 1966

7. The Byrds: Here Without You

Released on Columbia LP Mr. Tambourine Man, June 21, 1965; recorded April 22, 1965

8. Judy Henske & Jerry Yester: Three Ravens

Released on Straight LP Farewell Aldebaran, June 1969

9. The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band: Mr. Bojangles

Released on Liberty LP Uncle Charlie & His Dog Teddy, February 1970; recorded 1969

10. The Gosdin Brothers: She’s Gone

Released on Capitol LP Sounds of Goodbye, October 1968

11. David Bowie: An Occasional Dream

Released on EMI/Virgin expanded CD version of Space Oddity, 2009; recorded March 1969

12. Lyme & Cybelle: Follow Me

Released on White Whale single, February 1966

13. The Kinks: Don’t You Fret

Released on Pye LP Kinda Kinks (UK), March 5, 1965; recorded between February 16 and February 18, 1965

14. Neil Young: There Goes My Babe

Released on Rhino CD box set Buffalo Springfield, July 17, 2001; recorded circa June 1966

15. The Lovin’ Spoonful: Summer in the City

Released on Kama Sutra single, July 1966

16. Mary Hopkin: Lord of the Reedy River

Released on Apple LP Post Card (UK), February 21, 1969

17. Matthews Southern Comfort: Woodstock

Released on Uni single (UK), July 1970

18. H.P. Lovecraft: The Drifter

Released on Philips LP H.P. Lovecraft, September 1967

19. The Beatles: I’m Looking Through You

Released (in slightly shorter version) on Anthology 2, March 18, 1996; recorded October 24, 1965

20. Hearts and Flowers: Ode to a Tin Angel

Released on Capitol LP Of Horses, Kids, and Forgotten Women, July 1968

21. George Harrison: If Not for You

Unreleased; recorded late May 1970

22. Pink Floyd: Grantchester Meadows

Unreleased; recorded May 12, 1969 for the BBC

23. The Leaves: Hey Joe

Released on Mira single, April 1966

24. The Beau Brummels: This Is Love

Released on Sundazed San Fran Sessions CD, 1996; recorded March 4, 1966

25. Merrell Fankhauser & H.M.S. Bounty: A Visit with Ashiya

Released on Shamly LP Things, November 1968

CD 8

1. Nick Drake: I Was Made to Love Magic

Released on Hannibal CD Time of No Reply, 1986; recorded 1968-1969

2. Love: She Comes in Colors

Released on Elektra LP Da Capo, January 1967; recorded September 29, 1966

3. Roy Harper: Me and My Woman

Released on Harvest LP Stormcock (UK), April 1971

4. The Daily Flash: Violets of Dawn

Released on Psycho LP I Flash Daily, 1984; recorded circa 1966

5. Fairport Convention: I Don’t Know Where I Stand

Released on Polydor LP Fairport Convention (UK), June 1968

6. Linda Ronstadt: Long Long Time

Released on Capitol LP Silk Purse, March 1970

7. Mouse & the Traps: I Am the One

Released on Fraternity single, April 1966

8. The Sorrows: My Gal

Released on Pye single (UK), June 1967

9. Davy Graham: Hummingbird

Released on Decca LP Midnight Man (UK), July 1966

10. The Mojo Men: Today

Released on Sundazed CD There Goes My Mind, 2003; recorded September 12, 1967

11. Peter Fonda: November Night

Released on Chisa single, March 1967

12. Jim & Jean: One Sure Thing

Released on Verve/Forecast LP Changes, August 1966

13. Tom Rush: The Circle Game

Released on Elektra LP The Circle Game, April 1968

14. The Gentle Soul: See My Love (Song for Greg)

Released on Epic LP The Gentle Soul, October 30, 1968; recorded January 12, 1968

15. Eric Andersen: Close the Door Lightly When You Go

Released on Vanguard LP ‘Bout Changes & Things Take Two, 1967

16. Phil Ochs: The War Is Over

Released on A&M LP Tape from California, May 1968

17. James Taylor: Carolina on My Mind

Released on Apple LP James Taylor (UK), December 6, 1968

18. Tom Paxton: All Night Long

Released on Elektra LP The Things I Notice Now, 1969

19. Pomona Joe Pennyworth: Three Week Hero

Released on Atco single, August 1966

20. Judy Collins: Turn! Turn! Turn!

Released on Elektra LP #3, 1963