My (personal) Mekons playlist

I was asked by Peter from Alice in Kopenhagen to write something about the Mekons. I came around with this playlist I want to share with you: (Titles are linked to youtube files) Dan Dare. 1977-79 were the years where I got to know the Mekons as the different punk band. While songs were getting […]

Geeshie Wiley

This article evolved from my radio programm ROOTS where i made a special about Geeshie Wiley. Playlist at bottom of this page. Until 1994 Geeshie Wiley remained virtually unknown, for 64 years she has disappeared – that makes Greil Marcus essay „Disappearence and forgetting“ quite appropriate. During the last twenty years there have been people […]

Glitterbeat publishes Mekons

01. Lawrence Of California (04:37)02. Harar 1883 (03:12)03. Into The Sun (04:55)04. How Many Stars (04:02)05. In The Desert (04:50)06. Mirage (04:55)07. Weimar Vending Machine (06:02)08. Andromeda (04:27)09. After The Rain (05:01)

Freakwater@ VERA in Groningen

(First published 19.10.2016) I had the joy of seeing Freakwater in Groningen’s Vera club. To share the joy: here are some songs on video: If you didn’t have the chance to see the Freakons (Freakwater plus Mekons) here’s another video: FReakons Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival San Francisco 2013:

Top Twenty der Dekade

Eine Anregung der Lost Highway-Liste: Die ersten 10 Jahre des Milleniums sind rum und da fragt man sich doch, was bleibt. Für mich ist es dies: 1. Mekons: Journey to the end of the night. Das letzte Jahrzehnt des 20. Jahrhunderts ging zuende mit zahlreichen Phantasien und Abhandlungen über eine Zeitenwende ins nächste Jahrtausend. Meistens […]