Cambridge Folk Festival 2019

2019 was the first time to visit the Folk Festival in Cambridge. In previous years I had been watching BBC documentaries of the festival rather jealously so when I noticed that our holiday in Ireland would start at the fifth of August it was crystal clear: that’s the chance. So here are some impressions from […]

My (personal) Mekons playlist

I was asked by Peter from Alice in Kopenhagen to write something about the Mekons. I came around with this playlist I want to share with you: (Titles are linked to youtube files) Dan Dare. 1977-79 were the years where I got to know the Mekons as the different punk band. While songs were getting […]

Freakwater@ VERA in Groningen

(First published 19.10.2016) I had the joy of seeing Freakwater in Groningen’s Vera club. To share the joy: here are some songs on video: If you didn’t have the chance to see the Freakons (Freakwater plus Mekons) here’s another video: FReakons Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival San Francisco 2013:

Liverpool Scene on Youtube

One of my favourite bands of all  time was Liverpool Scene, a band put together by some Liverpool poets. They only did 3 studio albums, had little chart success, did a disastrous US tour and disbanded. A while ago I put together some information about them on my own website. For some time it was […]