Cambridge Folk Festival 2019

2019 was the first time to visit the Folk Festival in Cambridge. In previous years I had been watching BBC documentaries of the festival rather jealously so when I noticed that our holiday in Ireland would start at the fifth of August it was crystal clear: that’s the chance.

So here are some impressions from the Folk Festival. To start with some 90 minutes of footage.

Thursday’s clip includes pieces by Ben Caplan, The Rails and Sam Sweeney. In the end you can see a minute of Lucv Grubb playing at the DEN, a small tent in the back of the festival area.

On Friday I taped another song by Ben Caplan plus music by Karine Polwart, Graham Nash, Rura, Tweed Project, Calexico with Iron & Wine and Tunng

Saturday was bad-luck-day. During Nancy Kerr’s show my camera completely lost it: total eclipse, nada, nix. That’s the raeson why Kathry Teckell is missing completely. Catrin Finch & Sekou Keita had been appearing prior to Nancy Kerr so I got them as well as some stuff by Feis Rois and others appearing in the two-hour-session which started the day.

The next day I day I made some more videos, this time with m,y daughters camera
Cambridge Folk Festival 2019, Sunday
with Richard Thompson, Unthanks, McGoldrick & McCusker & Doyle

And here are some pictures on my Tumblr blog:

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